Vibe of the Forest


We are excited to introduce some new vibes

to you this year, straight from the roots of nature. 

The whole reason for living more sustainably is to cherish

this beautiful planet we walk on, and make sure we hand down a liveable world to those who will inherit it from us. 


It's no secret that most of us are living lives, completely disconnected from the Earth. Technological advancement and city life has brought us many beautiful developments, and it has also disrupted our innate oneness with nature. Which is a shame, really, because she has a lot to tell us about how to solve our current challenges!


Luckily for us, the nature lovers from Forest Academy know all about tuning into nature and speaking with its abundant creatures. They will not only share this natural wisdom with you, they might just introduce you into the art of communicating with nature as well! 


It all depends on how open and curious you are to explore

beyond what you have learned from society so far.

Are you ready to dive into the language

of the forest?


Forest Academy-Tour

Discover all the ins and outs of the importance of the forests via special routes on the forest paths!



* Dialogue with nature

* Nature as a medicine

* Food forests


* Importance of forests worldwide

* Concrete solutions

Forest - gathering

Platform & interaction i.a.w. initiatives that provide solutions to conserve and protect forests

Forest Art

You can eat delicious things from nature. With a good design in mind, we can create edible landscapes that can provide the new generations with an abundant and diverse food production system throughout the year. Food forests are the way to transform from a less healthy monoculture to a sustainable and caring future.

Plant a food forest

(with guided tour)


Monique Wijn & Bouwie Greenman.

. A photo exhibition with 35 growth images of trees, accompanied by readings of poetry by various poets.


Trees That Bark is a search for recognition of the importance of trees through entities that Mark Kohn tries to give a face to in his photography. Some funny, some angry, others almost invisible - whatever the imagination allows. As a catalyst, they create a relationship between man and tree.https: //

Trees that Bark


Mark Kohn

Arbortecture or tree-shaping is all about guiding and merging living trees into multifunctional objects. .

The roots form the foundation of the structure and the trees form the structure. Our vision with he Living Village is to grow living houses. Food forest specialist Bouwie Greenman presents you the vision behind The Living Village.

Growing your house

out of trees


Bouwie Greenman.

Toxic deodorants, carcinogenic detergents, pathogenic creams ... Get rid of all those artificial substances in your household!

Together with Rascha Wisse, you will go into the forest and learn about the power of plants and their edible leaves, flowers and very useful essential oils.

  1. Workshop / tour on edible plants and essential oils

  2. by

  3. Racha Wisse i sse.