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Vibe of Economy

Settle into an oasis of sustainable economies

Come to new insights in the Creative Lab and be inspired in our Networkcentre


On the island of Vibe of Economy you get information about sustainable forms of economy.


Explore and experiment in the Creative lab and connect with other sustainable ideas and projects in our Network Centre.




At Vibe of Economy we will work on the foundations of a sustainable economy.

An economy in which people and nature are central, in which we do business from love and trust

and in which we no longer go bankrupt because we say: “relationships are for the benefits”

The Relationship with yourself, each other and nature.

The key lies in the fact that we bring land, labor and capital into the commons; we are going to do it together. In that case, money will play a supporting role.


    Het Veerhuis / UNO-Founadations foundation

Het Veerhuis brings her experience into how this works in practice.

How do you set up a company in this way? How does a residential community function from this vision? What does the new role of money look like in this sustainable economy?


  Lectures & Workshops

Enrich your knowledge about the possibilities of a Sustainable society and new economies by listening to the various speakers giving fresh impetus to a sustainable society. With Natasha Hulst, Pieter Hessel, Extension Rebellion, Henry Mentink and  7Billion Presidents

Creative Lab
Here we give space to new, innovative initiatives in the field of sustainability; immerse yourself in the most inspiring creations and ideas.

Network Center
Meet new people, get inspired and share your knowledge!

You will meet while enjoying a drink and snack

people who approach purity from different angles,

exchange information and discuss the content of lectures and workshops


Romantic Capitalism

by David Theuvenet of 7Billion Presidents

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7 Billion Presidents is a movement that, by building “Romantic Capitalist products and businesses, is transforming society from a society focused on creating value for shareholders to a society focused on creating well-being for all.

From prosperity to well-being;

From control to trust;

From topdown to bottom-up;

From consuming to giving;

From 'extraction to generation'.


During his lecture, David Theuvent explains the economic model of Romantic Capitalism built by 7 Billion Presidents. All profit, which otherwise goes to shareholders, is used to install solar panels or other forms of clean energy.

Extinction Rebellion

"We are living in the midst of the 6th mass extinction. The future seems bleak and hopeless, but we may have an answer."

How are the climate and the ecological crisis now. What does science say?

What can we do?

Call for nonviolent civil disobedience

We talk a lot about the climate crisis. Will we get out of there? Are we actually looking at the basis of where the climate problem arises?

We are trapped in a society & economy of growth, fear and control.

Is the donut, partial and circular economy approach enough?

Find out how we achieve a society where love, trust and respect for nature predominate and are the starting point.