Vibe of the Heart

Return to the essence in yourself on our island Vibe of the Heart


Be pampered with a massage

Relax to beautiful music and open your senses

Treat  your body, soul and spirit to some satiating wellness

Experience inspiring workshops on a sustainable relationship with yourself and the world.

Hof Cold training

Yoga Mindset Focus Ice Bath

On Vibe of the Earth, Ruud and Saskia Hof give a 2-hour 'cold workshop' based on the Wim Hof ​​method . Ruud Hof is the younger brother of Wim Hof; together they worked in the Spanish Pyrenees where they guided groups through the canyons and the fantastic mountain area and let others experience the beauty and power of nature and cold. Ruud and Saskia Hof are assisted during the workshop by Andre Hof (twin brother Wim Hof)

The workshops on September 19 and 20 last 2 hours and include explanations, yoga, mindset exercises and an ice bath. A maximum of 15 people can participate per session

12.30 - 14.30 / 18.00 - 20.00

(special tickets!)

Valley Orgasm

TAO & Sexual Energy

For women only

by Christel van der Meer


Look around and you will see an insane amount of manifested energy. Pure creativity that arises from the abstraction of sex. Every person is connected to that sexual, creative flow. You can learn to optimally use this power and sexual energy and use it for transformation. This benefits your health, the development of your consciousness and the development of wisdom.

Cacao Ceremonie


Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann is a medicine singer-songwriter and her voice has been described as a mother's embrace. She stands with and for the earth and takes you on a journey to your own heart and the heart of the earth during the cocoa ceremony. The ceremony includes a cup of sacred cocoa, meditation, sharing and of course music! A moment to stand still, to let go or to recharge. Everything is welcome in the heart of the mind!

(special tickets)

As Jennifer Ann will be releasing a new album in 2021, the price of the cocoa ceremony includes this new album "We Are The Ancestors", making you a co-creator of her next album!


by Liselotte Uked

Learn to play and sing mantras on the ukulele.

In this inspiring one-hour workshop, Liselotte from Uked will teach you the basics of playing ukulele with mantra music. Because the vocals and the chords repeat themselves, you can turn your head off at a certain point and your hands suddenly appear to do it automatically. This workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to learn to play the ukulele and would like to experience the special effect of mantra singing. During the workshop you will play on beautiful solid wood ukuleles from (which you will also receive afterwards

can purchase). "

The Big Breathe / Rebirth


SHanti Devi

Breathwork with Shanti is known to be a deeply personal transformative process. She is a very experienced international Breathwork teacher with whom it's safe to dive deep in a 'down to earth' way so this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the magic Breathwork. A BreathCircle can help you connect to your heart. So gather your courage to dive deep with Shanti in the big tent on Saturday 11: 45 am, 2 hours, cost : your generous donation. everyone welcome at : ((clear location.))

* Good to bring a shawl/blanket and if you have an extra mat great. Assistants present. 

- On Sunday Shanti will give an intimate deep Rebirthing Session for max 10 people for 2,5 hours from 5 pm in the Yurt! cost 35 e cash at the door.