Cultural Vibes

Immerse yourself in sustainability in our Theater, Dance and Film screenings


On this Cultural island you will find intimate spots where we will open your eyes to the need for a sustainable society through beautiful theater and dance performances, exhibitions and films.

Disposable World


Dance performance

(Saturday and Sunday)

A wealthy couple moves close to your skin. The remains of their carefree life are in the next room.

Through a glass wall you see two garbage workers busy cleaning the waste ... until one of them decides to take the waste back into the living room.

As the performance progresses, the room for maneuver becomes smaller and smaller ...

Disposable World is an experience performance that confronts you in a special way with the theme of sustainability. You will be given a helmet, protective clothing and will enter an intimate space with 17 others.


choreography: Yuri Bongers and Anja Reinhardt

dance: Rex Clemensia, Andrea Beugger, Robin Berkelmans, Anja Reinhard

waste workers: Reinhard Voulon, Roel Sloot, Katja Grässli, Maarten Hutten

Death on a Boat

by Vloeistof


A real filmnoir dance experience!

Solo in the Earth


The Dutch Don't Dance Division


The climate is changing, the water is rising and pandemics are flourishing.

An engaged couple has retreated to a boat, supposedly safe.

They sail into the future in their own romantic setting.

But… how long can you survive together when you live so close together?

The romantic entourage soon degenerates into an absurdist horror scene

accompanied by heavenly baroque music.

choreografie:  Anja Reinhardt Dansers Yuri Bongers en Lisa Beese 

Modern dance Man ll Co

Saturday, September 19

Extra live life

MAN || With EXTRA LIVE / LIFE, CO creates a magical place where people are close together, where you are brought back to the movement of your own body. MAN wants to use that approach CO create a moment that is both nostalgic and opportunistically realistic. A standstill of time in which the focus is on an alternative way of connecting with the other, in this current crisis.

The goal is to be extra live together and motivated for life to face the light of the evening.

The audience witnesses one unique performance, which is only experienced through their eyes - in real time - and cannot be repeated. That keeps every movement, sound and eye contact as genuine, honest and unique as it gets.

Poetry of the Earth

(Saturday and Sunday)

Experience a dance of words between ratio and emotions. Immerse yourself in the art of poetry and storytelling, wrung from everyday worries, a bird's-eye view of the train of thought of another.

Be open to receive and experience the art of words!

With Myrte Leffring, Rymke Lisa, Appelonia, Terra Isis Gitane and more

Nature on earth disappears ... and in sync with it man.

Modern dance performance with dancers Kiran Bonnema, Thom Stuart, Atias Grindoz, Marie Ramet