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Vibe of EcoSolutions

Immerse yourself in sustainable products, workshops and lectures.

Join the energy table for dialogue!

Open your eyes to the possibilities in which you too can contribute to a sustainable world.

Vibe of EcoSolutions is the platform where everything comes together to make your lifestyle more sustainable in the broadest sense of the word and offers numerous possibilities to transform your home and lifestyle into a sustainable oasis.


Think of everything that helps to reduce CO2 emissions, recycle items, reduce garbage and waste, encourage reuse of items and of course sustainable clothing, sustainable energy and sustainable travel.



Meeting the Ecovillages of Europe!

Interactive workshops and information about sustainable societies in the Netherlands & Europe

by Global Ecovillage Network

Table for dialogue

How do we achieve the climate goals?

How do we make Noord-Holland energy neutral and circular in 2050?

Join the table for dialogue!