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Vibe of EcoSolutions is the platform where everything comes together to make your lifestyle more sustainable in the broadest sense of the word and offers numerous possibilities to transform your home and lifestyle into a sustainable oasis.


Think of everything that helps to reduce CO2 emissions, recycle items, reduce garbage and waste, encourage reuse of items and of course sustainable clothing, sustainable energy and sustainable travel.


Meeting the Ecovillages of Europe!

Interactive workshops and information about sustainable societies in the Netherlands & Europe

by Global Ecovillage Network

Pure Market

Sustainable products and initiatives

With Tiny houses, Whike sailing bicycles, sustainable travel, sustainable clothing, sustainable food, sustainable building, sustainable living and sustainable energy and heat

Pure platform

Platform with a wealth of sustainable initiatives:

SeaShepperds, Extension Rebellion, Greeenpeace, Living Village, Global Ecovillage Network, Forest Academy, Tiny House Nederland

And more to come!

Talk To Me

by Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy (1990 The Hague) (artist duo with installations and audiovisual work)

Animals and plants are getting into trouble more and more. This is due to global warming and because they are not protected enough. What does nature say about this?

Talk To Me is a sound installation that gives nature a voice. Conversations with Vicky (an elderberry tree), Maria (basalt stone) and Dario (blade of grass) make us think about a different, more sustainable world.

T he Climate Museum is a pop-up museum about the biggest challenge of the moment: climate change. Together with artists and a large and diverse audience, The Climate Museum provides a cultural-artistic answer to the climate crisis.

A Tropics Expanded

by Kent Chan (1984 Singapore) * visual artist, curator and filmmaker

The earth is heating up. Also here in Europe. Eternal summers, flooded cities, towering dikes, deserts, Amersfoort by the sea… What does a tropical Europe look like?

A Tropics Expanded is a film about a future tropical Europe. In the film, the island of Pampus is one of the last pieces of land. The rest have all been flooded by the sea level rise.

Three characters tell their story:

Isadora, Togar and Iris.