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Vibe of The Kids

Enter Vibe of the Future!


Discover at this festival what an ecologically responsible future looks like through theater, short films and interactive performances & activities and why a sustainable society is sooooo important.

Plastic but not so Fantastic ..


Go on a journey and experience dazzling adventures with Charles Moore, a rapping lantern fish, a entangled seahorse and lots and lots of plastic.


Something is going seriously wrong and that has major consequences for the environment.

Captain Moore wants to map the problem; the world is not a bottomless pit into which we can discharge everything.

Together with all the animals he wants to teach people to steer the right course.

Can the children help spoon up the 'Plastic Soup'? And where should that go?

It's time to take action now, all sails!

A dynamic, cool, swinging, exciting and grand story

about a floating garbage dump that is 34 times bigger than the Netherlands !!


Text and performance: Mirjam van den Bogaard, Marie Louise O'Herne

Music and lyrics: Izak Boom


(F)linke Soep

by Boomgaard Theaterproductions
Saturday September 18 (12.30 & 14.10)
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Flinke soep 2.jpg

Meer IJsbeer

by Liela Richter

Sunday September 19

A theater performance for everyone and in particular for children from 3 to 8 years old

Nanouk leaves the city
She's fed up there!
Way to busy
She prefers to be alone

It continues to the North Pole
And lands on a melting ice floe
There she is unexpectedly joined by Polar bears

Still nice together, just a bit tight
It does not fit. What now?

More Polar bear is about
melting ice
being alone and together
new chances
strong together
A poetic story in the freezing cold that warms your heart!



Magical kids bar

Brew your own sustainable drinks and make sustainable snacks in our Magical kids bar!

Sustainable adventure tour

(by Martin van den Kommer)

Discover the purest adventures during this survival. From the fire place, you follow your sustainable path through rafts, forest paths and Indian bridges, swinging over the water.


Create mud creatures

(by Judith van Lunsen)

Make your own sculpture with clay, water, branches and soil

Paint each other's bodies with mud and white lime paint!

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klim foto.JPG

Film canister


Chopping wood, lighting fire with firesteel or flint, making sandwiches or pakora from wild picked plants and roasting. Discover the fire your way!

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