Vibe of The Kids

Enter Vibe of the Future!


Discover at this festival what an ecologically responsible future looks like through theater, short films and interactive performances & activities and why a sustainable society is sooooo important.

Enter an epic adventure with 3 peoples who walked the earth long ago!

The earth is inhabited by 3 natural people who do not exist of each other

know. At some point, people demand more from the Earth than they actually need ... Fate brings them together on a volcanic island and they face major challenges ..... which are very similar to the important themes of today .

The volcano is about to erupt ... dare you climb it?

In this performance you are both a musician and an actor!


  by Raw Resonance


Puppet Theater by Marissa Laperdrix

Sunday, September 20

The king of the Land of Pendule accidentally broke the winter alarm clock. As a result, winter has already lasted 6 months! The Time Dealer doubts whether it was a good idea to let people arrange the seasons themselves, because it is not the first time that a seasonal alarm clock has been broken. That is why she decides to give the country 4 challenging assignments. Only when these are resolved will Het Land van Pendule have a last chance and a last new winter alarm clock.


Daan is sure that he can complete these assignments, because he will later become an inventor! He leaves for Smulstad, Miststad, Stinkstad and Vlamstad. There he discovers why people tinkered with the alarm clocks. Will he be able to stop winter and start spring?


Piece shows climate change in a narrative and humorous jacket. The performance shows how air pollution affects the seasons and how creative thinking can lead to solutions.


Magical kids bar

Brew your own sustainable drinks and make sustainable snacks in our Magical kids bar!

Sustainable adventure tour

(by Martin van den Kommer)

Discover the purest adventures during this survival. From the fire place, you follow your sustainable path through rafts, forest paths and Indian bridges, swinging over the water.

Create mud creatures

(by Judith van Lunsen)

Make your own sculpture with clay, water, branches and soil

Paint each other's bodies with mud and white lime paint!

Film canister


Chopping wood, lighting fire with firesteel or flint, making sandwiches or pakora from wild picked plants and roasting. Discover the fire your way!

Vibe of the Earth I Bergen I 19 & 20 september 2020 I contact: info@votefestival.eu31 (6) 107 802 67

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